Forcoda Team Spotlight: Sahil Kanwar

Meet Sahil Kanwar, our full-stack developer.

Tell us a little about yourself and your journey at Forcoda.

Position: Full-Stack PHP Developer

Q: When did you join Forcoda?

December 2019

Q: Where did you work/what did you do before joining?

I embarked on my journey in web development in 2014 in India. In 2017, I seized an enriching opportunity to contribute to DataVirtuality Gmbh Germany, a product-based company specializing in flexible data integration and management solutions. During my tenure, I focused on website development, meticulously refining and enhancing the website’s performance by customizing and optimizing 68,000 automatized generated landing pages.

Subsequently, I undertook a side project with CoderStaffing Inc. Philadelphia, where I spearheaded the creation of a compelling MVP for a professional social network. This project involved seamless integration with the LinkedIn API and the development of a fully customized theme and plugins, resulting in a unique and captivating user experience.


Q: What project(s) are you currently working on, and how does your work impact the company?

Website Code Refinement:
Recently, I completed updating outdated code on several websites to ensure compatibility with PHP 8.0. This optimization was specifically carried out for the Forcoda server.

Client Website Overhaul:
I successfully migrated one of our client’s websites from DigitalOcean to a Cloudways-managed server. During this process, I addressed bugs related to PHP 8.1 and improved the website’s functionality and layout.

WordPress Website Development:
I am dedicated to building scalable and easy-to-manage WordPress websites. The goal is to deliver a superior user interface and design for clients and users. This involves leveraging Advanced Custom Fields flexible content fields and Bootstrap for effective implementation.

Atom – Time Tracker Application:
Concurrently, I am immersed in the development and learning phase of a time tracker application for Atom. This project is being executed using the REACT and MERN stack technologies.

My impact on the company is significant. By updating and optimizing website code, developing new sites in new tech stacks, migrating sites to more efficient servers, and enhancing user interfaces, I contribute to improved website performance, user experience, and overall functionality. My work ensures the company’s digital presence remains current, effective, and aligned with evolving technological standards.

Q: Which Forcoda projects/experiences have you enjoyed working on the most and why?

I’ve had the pleasure of engaging in skill-diverse projects. Collaborating with a team of developers, I contributed to Estee Lauder’s Drupal-based project, creating a global store for retailers. Another notable project was developing an MVP for Predictive Lending software using a custom PHP/WordPress tech stack. Additionally, I handled code base revisions for a Google Chrome extension, ensuring adherence to new coding standards. Our development team successfully took over one of the clients’ projects that another agency mismanaged. We handled the challenges effectively and delivered a fully functional website within the specified timeline. Over the past four years, I’ve undertaken various projects, expanding my knowledge and working closely with project managers and clients.

These projects were intriguing for several reasons. The Estee Lauder project stood out due to its global scope, involving collaboration with a team of developers to create a comprehensive store for retailers worldwide. The Predictive Lending software project was fascinating as it was built from scratch with a customized PHP/WordPress tech stack, incorporating unique formulas and calculations that transformed the MVP into a fully functional app. Additionally, the challenge of refining a Google Chrome extension to meet new coding standards added a layer of interest, showcasing adaptability and skill refinement.

Overall, these projects were not only diverse and challenging but also presented opportunities for innovation and problem-solving.

Q: What advice would you give to someone working in your field?

Stay curious in the ever-evolving tech, emphasizing strong fundamentals. Collaborate effectively, prioritize problem-solving, and embrace continuous learning for a successful career in web development.

Q: What’s the last good movie/show you watched?

Seinfeld, Oppenheimer

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