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The “X” Factor – Upgrading Your Online Experience

In the last few months, most of the businesses found themselves on the fast-track to digital transformation. We’ve helped many of our clients come up with new solutions for reaching customers at their homes and offering products and services online.  The companies that were the most successful at moving traditionally physical products and services online… Read More

5 Key Elements of Delightful User Interfaces

For businesses it’s important to think beyond apps and websites. Design is everywhere – from the shirt that you’re wearing to the smartphone you’re holding. User Experience (UX) is an essential component, but do not forget about User Interface (UI). You probably won’t buy a comfortable, but not very good-looking car, will you? Websites and… Read More

5 Reasons Why Your User Experience SUX

When UX doesn’t consider ALL users, shouldn’t it be known as “SOME User Experience” or… SUX? Billy Gregory could not be more right about it in his Tweet. Have you ever felt lost watching the latest hyped-up Youtube video and waiting for the punchline, thinking, “When should I start laughing?” Same thing with the UX/UI… Read More