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Forcoda Team Spotlight: Sahil Kanwar

Meet Sahil Kanwar, our full-stack developer. Sahil shares his insights about building scalable and easy-to-use websites and web applications.

The “X” Factor – Upgrading Your Online Experience

In the last few months, most of the businesses found themselves on the fast-track to digital transformation. We’ve helped many of our clients come up with new solutions for reaching customers at their homes and offering products and services online.  The companies that were the most successful at moving traditionally physical products and services online… Read More

The Number One Mistake Companies Make When Building A SaaS Product

When you decide to work on a digital product that didn’t exist before you got the idea, it is no easy task. Running a business is tough, but building it from scratch is even more challenging. Over the last few years, we worked with dozens of companies helping them design and build digital products and… Read More

How To Manage a Remote Team Effectively

So you and your team are working from home now? Fun!  While some companies have adopted these practices a while back, for many of you, it is a brand new experience that comes with discoveries and its challenges. It can be daunting working from home, but it also can be one of the most freeing… Read More

6 Secrets to Hiring the Right UX/UI Design and Software Development Partner.

I recently spoke with a startup founder that reached out to me. Let’s call her Cheryl. Cheryl is passionate about teaching kids proper nutrition habits. So she decided to build a company around it and create an online game for school teachers and kids to learn about nutrition in a fun, engaging way. The first… Read More